Schedule a Tour

The best way to see Coastal Connections in action is to visit!  To make an appointment to tour the agency and programs please call 978 388 1119.  A tour typically lasts 30 - 45 minutes.  The tour includes a walk through of all the programs and time to sit with administrative staff to answer any of your questions. DUE TO COVID OUR PROCESS HAS CHANGED TO INCLUDE VIRTUAL OPTIONS. PLEASE CALL THE MAIN OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Referral Process

If after a visit you decide that you would like to attend Coastal Connections then you would inform your Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Service Coordinator.  The Service Coordinator would proceed with a referral to our program by preparing a referral packet and sending it to Coastal Connections. During this time we would like to visit you at your current school, program or home if at all possible. It takes about two weeks for Coastal Connections to have the necessary staff review the referral packet. Once a determination is made about your entrance into our programs, we will contact you and the Department of Developmental Services. Transportation would need to be arranged either through DDS or through MassHealth. Coastal Connections can process a PT-1 form to obtain MassHealth transportation if you are attending part of the program as day habilitation. Once that is in place the team decides on a good start date. You will receive a Welcome Packet from Coastal Connections with all necessary forms. Persons who are deemed ineligible for services will be notified in writing stating the reasons why the referral was not accepted and recommendations for other programs that may better meet your needs.  All referral information received by Coastal Connections is confidential and maintained in accordance with agency policies and procedures.

Wait List

Coastal Connections does not have a Wait list at this time. If necessary, Coastal Connections would consider each referral on a first come, first serve basis with the date that the referral was received noted on the packet. If we developed a Wait List you would be notified of your status initially then updated monthly.

35 Water Street
Amesbury, MA 01913
Phone: 978-388-1119

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