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Offered to those individuals who seek to secure integrated employment within their community.

Individuals are offered an array of services to find employment that includes support to explore, develop, and retain work skills.  The goal is to obtain and maintain competitive employment. Employment supports are provided in accordance with the individuals ISP and include individual and small group work.

Services can include:

  • Volunteering to assess interests in various job settings

  • Job tours

  •  Classes on job seeking skills (interviewing, resume writing)

  • Job preparation and skill development - dressing for work, handling social interactions at work, schedule/time management

  • Job coaching

  • Competitive employment in community


Coastal Connections' main vocational goal is to assist individuals, through a variety of employment and related services and supports, in finding and securing meaningful, competitive, inclusive employment. The Employment First Massachusetts Initiative is the main force behind the goal.

"Real jobs for Real wages!"

5 Market Square, Amesbury, MA 01913

Located in the heart of Amesbury's Upper Millyard,  was established in 1998 with the  mission of providing both guests and team members a place to “renew their spirit”.


Coastal Connections has been very fortunate to work with Flatbread Pizza for the last seven years.  At first, Flatbread welcomed several individuals to serve as interns to experience real life work in their restaurant.   After observing the work ethic of the individuals from Coastal, who are accompanied by a job coach from Coastal, Flatbread offered competitive, paid employment for two individuals.  


Hawley L. works two mornings per week, eagerly and diligently  wiping down tables, setting up the dining room and completing any task needed to prepare the restaurant for the lunch time opening.  Hawley likes working with the other staff. This Fall Hawley was asked to help in completely rebuilding the unique wood fired oven.  Hawley joined a crew of community members and worked for three days to completely rebuild the oven.  Hawley’s favorite part of working there is being with all the other staff including some former students from Amesbury High School of which Hawley is an alumni.


Emily Z . takes pride in making sure that each table setting is just perfect for all the guests.  She washes tables and chairs and makes sure each table has all the necessary items to complement each meal. 


Both Hawley and Emily say that Flatbread is a ‘great place to work with nice people and they look forward to special events with the staff such as the Halloween party and Christmas party.’


Flatbread, on their website states, ‘Together they produced and we prepared, served, and most importantly, the local community supported us. This rather simple sounding partnership between Flatbread, organic food, local farms, local producers, and the local community, has been successfully transplanted to our other hearths...

 it is our mission to become an integral part of the fabric of that community through our sustained actions.’ 


Flatbread has become integral in supporting Coastal Connection’s mission.


1 Tournament Wharf, Newburyport, MA 01950

Newburyport’s premier waterfront steak and seafood restaurant overlooking the Merrimack River.


Since 2016, Micheal’s Harborside has had Ben B and Stephanie C as part of the employee crew, working at the restaurant two days per week.  


Stephanie cleans the dining room, cleans condiment containers and sets the tables. Stephanie loves working on the deck so she can enjoy the view of the Merrimack River.  Stephanie’s favorite part of her work shift is enjoying the crew lunch which is provided to all employees.


Ben really enjoys opening up the awnings on the deck, cleaning the deck and preparing the restaurant for opening.


Ben and Stephanie totally enjoy their work experience and relationships with all the crew members at Michaels.  Michaels has many staff appreciation events like a boat cruise, pizza parties and holiday parties that Ben and Stephanie look forward to each year. 


Michael’s Harborside was presented with a Champion Award by Coastal Connections  for supporting the mission of Coastal Connections by offering fully integrated, competitive employment while welcoming  Ben and Stephanie into the culture of the restaurant.

Michael's Harborside.jpeg

1 Crow Lane, Newburyport, MA 01950

The City of Newburyport operates a recycling center and there have been 3 individuals from Coastal Connections working there since 2012.


Ben, Cam and Adam work two times per week at the Crow Lane facility.  These individuals worked throughout the pandemic with support from a parent who drove them faithfully to fulfill their job duties.  Under the supervision of Laurel Hanke, the Coastal individuals greet customers when they drive up to the recycling barn, assist with unloading vehicles, distribute recycled materials into the appropriate containers and keep the ecycle area clean and organized.


Ben’s favorite task is disassembling the electronics including cutting cords off of electronic devices and taking computers apart.  Adam is great at sorting all the components into the proper containers.  Cam provides support in all areas and is a wonderful ambassador for the City of Newburyport as he greets customers and gives people much needed information regarding the recycling process.  These 3 individuals also work one Saturday per month for the city wide recycling.  The Ecycle program also offers other opportunities to engage in social events such as cookouts.  


The longevity (9 years) and reliability of these Coastal individuals proves the commitment to sustained, integrated employment.

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