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Safety Committee

This Committee completes a monthly walk through with a  comprehensive checklist of the entire facility.  After the walk through, this committee completes a Facilities Maintenance request to address any area of need.   This committee also takes on the responsibility of reporting any safety concerns or items needing repair throughout the month.  Each member takes his role very seriously and safety has become part of their life skill development.

Coastal advocates

Coastal Advocates is a new committee that focuses on teaching advocacy,  making choices, rights and responsibilities and making informed decisions.   

This Committee has developed an array of role plays based on topics that are relevant to the individuals being served at Coastal  Connections. 

These topics have included - standing up for your rights if someone is stealing your money; using compromise to reach a mutually agreeable solution to an everyday issue like how to spend free time in the community; dealing with negative relationships and the choices everyone has to say no to any relationship that is not positive; the difference between good choices and bad choices.   

This committee uses improvisation to present animated short plays regarding these topics.  These presentations elicit animated, deep conversations from the audience.   The topics change monthly as this Committee seeks written feedback from each group that includes suggestions for future topics. 

This Committee is certainly ready for primetime as they use practice and improvisation to get their point across.

Members - Sandra A, Nancy T, Steven C

Facilitator -  Teresa Cramphorn, Supervisor



SWEG encourages the women of Coastal Connections to embrace their strength, determinations, and wisdom.

We meet once a week to discuss on ways to promote being strong and confident women. We also volunteer our time to community activities for those in need. SWEG has done many drives such as a Mitten drive, Food drive, Toy drive, Keep warm in Winter drive, and a Snack drive just to say "You Matter". SWEG also gets to enjoy social activities in the community such as bowling, mini golfing, shopping trips, luncheons, picnics, photoshoots, manicures, and nature walks.

Coastal Connections honors diversity and seeks to empower all people to achieve their full potential while becoming integral members of their community.  The SWEG committee is a great example of the action taken to exemplify Coastal’s belief in the power of all people.

Members - Jocelyn, Kailee, Emily, Kelly M, Sandra, Courtney P, Jaci

Facilitator -  Bonnie Dehetre, Direct Support Professional

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