Our Mission

Coastal Connections, Inc. supports people with disabilities to achieve their full potential by creating personalized programs that promote living, working, learning and playing in the community.  The agency’s mission is deeply rooted in the belief that a person with disabilities can become an essential contributing member of their community through dynamic programs that create an environment of lifelong learning.

What people say

Karen Cook
The enthusiasm, love and energy from the individuals who are the heartbeat of Coastal Connection is what makes this wonderful organizations involvement in our community of Amesbury, great!  From the Red Ribbon Campaign where they work with our Fire and Police Departments (to bring awareness for all ages about safety while driving), to the annual Art Show during the Annual Amesbury Days...their participation makes both events a huge success!  We are blessed to have such a dedicated group of participants! I always love seeing them out and about our Town and I love working with their staff and guests there!
Patty Hoyt
Our community benefits greatly from the contributions that Coastal Connections provides. Our former students offer their services and support our local businesses with pride. Lowell's Boat Shop has had a thriving connection with Coastal for years, sharing work, learning skills of the trade, and contributing a vital role to sustain this non-profit museum. Retired Educator - Amesbury public schools and education coordinator for Lowell Boat Shop    
MaryAnn Preskul-Ricca
I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you all for your caring support for my sister Frances - not only recently - but for all the years she was at Petalworks/Coastal Connections. She loved, loved, loved going to your program! And whenever I went there to pick her up I could feel the energy, caring and enthusiasm present. Coastal Connections is such an upbeat place - a place where everyone is celebrated for who they are!
Rosemary Werner
Coastal Connections has been a Blessing to this Community of Amesbury, and has supported and led the charge with programs that has reached out to so many, Be A Buddy, Not A Bully, Heart To Heart, Red Ribbon Campaign For Safety, to name just a few, we are grateful for the support and dedication they have made.