Executive Director, Deb Plumer has been on numerous statewide calls over the past week to gather information from the Department of Developmental Services and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to inform and guide us and other area agencies on our service-change needs. This afternoon, Governor Charlie Baker informed citizens of his directives in regards to COVID-19 and it is with this that Coastal Connections has decided to take the following action:

Coastal Connections will CLOSE PROGRAMS AND CEASE ALL OPERATIONS BEGINNING TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2020 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This action supports our efforts to keep our clients and community safe and protected.

There are daily calls around these challenges and while MA, like any other state, does not yet have all of the answers and there is much uncertainty, there is definitely a commitment and partnership between organizations to band together and find the solutions.

In the meantime, we will be keeping you abreast of important changes along the way. Please keep your eye on emails, calls or texts that may be coming from Coastal Connections to inform you of service changes that may impact you, your loved one, or in the case of staff, your role and expectations. All of us at Coastal Connections appreciate your support. These are unprecedented times, but we remain committed to keeping the Coastal Connections Community safe during the next several weeks.


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